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The SANGUINE project is a part of seven projects that received funding from the European Commission through the Horizon Europe programme, aiming to develop better long-term cancer control strategies towards prevention, screening and early detection of cancer. These projects are:

  • LUCIA - Understanding Lung Cancer-related risk factors and their Impact

  • MAMMOSCREEN - Innovative and safe microwave-based imaging technology to make breast cancer screening more accurate, inclusive and female-friendly

  • ONCOSCREEN - A European “shield” against colorectal cancer based on novel, more precise and affordable risk-based screening methods and viable policy pathways

  • PANCAID - PANcreatic CAncer Initial Detection via liquid biopsy

  • SANGUINE - Early detection and screening of haematological malignancies

  • THERMOBREAST - An innovative non-contact and harmless screening modality set to change the course of breast cancer detection and patient monitoring

  • DIOPTRA - Early dynamic screening for colorectal cancer via novel protein biomarkers reflecting biological initiation mechanisms


Cluster areas of collaboration

The Prevention and Early Detection (Screening) Cluster is a combined effort of all 7 projects to extend the reach and impact of each other’s research. For this goal, joint activities are undertaken, including:

  1. Development of a shared work plan for scientific collaborations

  2. Unified strategy for dissemination and communication

  3. Regular meetings, both in person and virtually

  4. Joint workshops


Cluster media corner

Cluster brochure 






This cluster brochure showcases the seven EU-funded research projects, which form the EU Mission on Cancer‘s Prevention and Early Detection (Screening) cluster.


Cluster newsletter

This cluster's newsletter was released in December 2023 and can be viewed here. It provides updates on the progress of each project for 2023 and gives insights into the plans of each project for the year 2024.

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Empowering Early Detection, Transforming Lives

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